Book Review: “Gospel Treason” By: Brad Bigney

Just finished the book “Gospel Treason” by Brad Bigney and want to tell you this is a must read for all believers! One of the hardest things in the christian life is the internal heart issues of idols. Idols of the heart are defined by the author as “anything or anyone that captures our hearts, minds, and affections more than God”. What can be an idol of the heart … Anything! Even a good thing can become an idol!

From Amazon: Using real-life stories and examples, Brad Bigney shows us how the idols we might not even recognize can still have devastating effects in our lives. In this transparent, honest book, he helps us to identify our idols, understand how they lead us to commit treason against the gospel— and finally repent of them and root them out forever by turning to the only One who can fill our every need.

I would highly recommend this book!

I Remain, Pastor Steve